The Chutzpah Of A Rapist-Fritzl Claims Martyrdom

The self confessed Austrian rapist of his daughter now claims he is the victim, not the culprit in the situation, and blames the media for distorting his heroic behavior during the years in which he abused and tortured his children. “I am no monster,” he shouted to the world, “I could have killed all of them and no one would have known. No one would ever have found out about it.” Mr. Fritzl is absolutely correct, there are some things he could have done during his decades of mistreatment that were not done. He only raped his daughter every third day and kept his grandchildren hidden from sunlight for nearly two decades, with luck, he could have kept it going for a few more decades. His comments remind this writer of claims by the commander of the Auschwitz murder factory who complained that Jews did not keep themselves clean and thus threatened the health of his family who lived nearby.

Perhaps, the most fascinating comment during the past few weeks is that of the Interior Minister who said police and social services had acted “somewhat guilibly” over the case. That is the understatement of the year.