The Decline And Fall Of Moralism In Israel

There is sadness in discussing the latest episode in the history of Israel which once was a nation admired for its democracy and its ability to utilize creative thinking. Today, it is an insecure, confused and panicky country which believes in the power of force where once it believed in the power of ideas as a means to attain success. For years it has blockaded the Gaza Strip because an Israel solider was captured and therefore a million people must suffer for this terrible act. Of course, for years, Israel has captured dozens of Palestinians, but, when Israel captures or kills a Palestinian it is simply acting to defend itself. David Grossman, writing in the UK, Guardian, notes how Israel is trapped in a corruptive process. “One has the sense that a sullied and bloated political system, fearfully aware of the steaming mess produced over the years by its own inactions and malfunctions, and despairing of the possibility to undo the endless triangle it has wrought, becomes even more inflexible in the face of pressing and complicated challenges , losing in the process the qualities that once typified Israel and its leadership — freshness, originality, creativity.”

What will happen as a result of the attack on the ships? Anyone familiar with the region knows, at this very moment, some Muslim group is planning a bombing attack on an Israel cafe or movie theater or building in hope of avenging those killed by IDF commandos. Of course, once the bombing occurs, Prime Minister Netanyahu will argue that Palestinians are evil and there is need to institute more restrictions and he will expand settlement construction and there will be more bombings and the cycle will go on and on. As Grossman notes, “this insane operation shows how far Israel has declined.”

The world is not at fault. Palestinians are not at fault. The fault lies within the souls of Israelis who have allowed a man like Benjamin Netanyahu to govern their nation. This is written by an American who knows how his nation also blundered when it allowed George Bush to become president.