The Destruction Of Israel!

Creation of a nation which would allow people adhering to the Jewish religion has been a goal of Jews for nearly two thousand years. Those who fought to establish the nation of Israel clearly understood from day one of its existence that although Jews were the dominant group in the new nation there were also Christians and Muslims who would live in peace and security as equal citizens. Capture of the West Bank from Jordan in 1967 led Israel leaders like Golda Meier to offer its return to Muslims on condition that Arab nations of the Middle East recognize the existence of the state of Israel. Arab leaders blundered by refusing to negotiate for this solution and this conflict has remained at the center of dispute for over fifty years.

There have been several attempts to resolve the dispute, but Yasser Arafat turned down a plan by former President Clinton that would have led to creation of the state of Palestine. Current President Abbas turned down a proposal by former Israel Prime Minister Olmert which would have created a state of Palestine. Unfortunately, refusal to accept compromises have resulted in emergence of the “West Bank Settlers” who not only oppose creation of a state of Palestine, but seek to annex the West Bank into the state of Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has come up with a new approach to the problem. He allows out of jail elderly Palestinian prisoners, and follows up with proposals to build more housing on the West Bank. His latest proposal is releasing a dozen or so in order to annex large swaths of the Jordan valley. Jewish settlers are torching Palestinian homes and demanding their land.

The end result of this policy is no state of Palestine and a state of Israel that would include millions of Palestinians. A higher birth rate among Palestinians ensures that at some point in the future they might constitute the majority. What then? No voting rights for citizens who live in Israel?