The Dishonor Of Honor Killings

The Muslim world of some men consists of spending their time defending the “honor” of their family against women in the family who do terrible things like talk on the telephone with a man or even talk with a cousin on the streets. Dalia Ghanem, a sixteen year old girl is missing and it is suspected she is another victim of “honor killing.” Her mother was the victim of honor killing as was an older sister. Six of her cousins were gunned down by the brave men of the family who shoot down defenseless women in the name of “honor.” During her forced marriage, Dalia sought help in battered women’s shelters only to return “home” to life with the “honor killers.” The Abu Ghanem clan numbers about 2,000 and it is common for girls to be pulled from school about twelve and married off.

How does one explain why Suleiman Abu Ghanem, a respected physician would conspire with members of the clan to get women killed?

Why are there no “honor killings” of men? Are we to assume men have “honor” and women simply don’t have “honor?”

  • journeyer58

    In the tradition of Islam, men do have honor and women do not. This is a plain and simple fact that is borne out by the interpretation of the Qu’ran that was prevalent during the medieval times.
    Women were considered property and had no rights and could not escape their fate.
    As in many Middle Eastern and Far Eastern religions there is no fate than that of being a woman. Yet the Islamic people claim that they are for women, that they protect a womens
    honor by KILLING them for perceived slights?
    How do the men of Islam, defend the logic of honor killings? It is not logical and cannot be proven logical. Therefore it is intrinsically evil to kill someone to protect their honor.
    How dare the men of the tribal Islamic world, claim that they are fulfilling G-d’s will by killing their own relatives when the Qu’ran does not give men the right to kill their own relatives for perceived slights and disputes of honor.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I agree.

  • Ari Tamat

    I believe this article needs to objectively present the fact that honor killings are not a problem intrinsic to Islamic societies, nor is it condoned by the religion. In fact, in my country, Indonesia – the largest Muslim country on earth – honor killings such as these are unheard of.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I am aware honor killings are not part of Muslim Indonesian life.