The Dishonor Of Honor

The one certainty of life is a certain appearance of a story from some area of the world in which some members of a family decide to murder other members of the family for some alleged “dishonor” of the family name. A village in the district of Rohtak, which lies near New Delhi in India was the scene of brutal murders when mom and dad and some other members of the family decided in order to express their love for a daughter to beat the hell out of her. And, for good measure, they also beat up and cut the head off her boyfriend, the man she wanted to marry. The family failed to burn the bodies of these two young people. Their crimes;

1. Falling in love while studying at a college where they both wanted to become teachers.
2. Dating one another.
3. Not obeying mom and dad.
4. Not marrying the boy who her parents wanted to become her husband.
5. Defiling the good name of the family by loving one other than parents said should be loved.

Such is the way of HONOR.