The Droll Report–Political Satire About Everyone

I was told by Fox News they did not want me attending press conferences because they couldn’t bear fools around. That’s strange, Barbara Bush could.

Rush Limbaugh’s range of thinking runs the gamut from A to B.

There are many shy people in Congress. In fact, they even made the nation a few trillion dollars shy of its wealth.

If all the lobbyists in Washington were laid end to end, it would be difficult to tell who did the laying and who got laid.

Lou Dobbs is the type of nonconformist who is like every other Republican conservative.

I always thought that Laura Bush was a nice lady and decent person. It goes to show the old adage about opposites attracting one another is true.

I suspect many Congressman will double cross the bridge when they come to it.

Republican leaders are different form George Washington in one respect. Washington vowed never to tell a lie. Republicans have vowed never to disavow a lie.

The only difference between a corrupt Republican Congressman and a corrupt Democratic congressman is one steals in the name of free enterprise and one steals in the name of poverty.

Republican commentators said the new Democratic Congress and presidency were going to undo the success of its predecessors. They recently appointed a committee to find out what those successful actions were.

Some men spend a lifetime trying to grasp the meaning of truth. For George Bush it was more like a microsecond.

Rush Limbaugh looked in the mirror and became furious because it said someone else was fairer than he. The mirror mentioned something about a dark skinned guy. If only Rush had a woodsman to take care of Prince Obama.

The motto of Fox News is: Truth is a stranger who never knocks on our door.