The Egyptian Tragedy

The tragedy of Egypt will only grow more and more tragic in the ensuing days and more and more people are killed and wounded. This entire tragic event could readily have been avoided if President Morsi had understood that in a nation in conflict it requires a leader who reaches out to all parties in conflict and works for peace and reconciliation. The military is NOT to blame for violence and deaths. Morsi was repeatedly urged by leaders of all nations to negotiate and compromise. He refused and sought to become a martyr for something or other. Headquarters of the armed forces were attacked by Muslim Brotherhood armed groups and now 42 are dead and dozens wounded on both sides.

Death has only made more complex any attempt at compromise. Egypt requires a coalition Cabinet headed by a man who makes clear that he will not run for the presidency. Egypt needs at  least one year under such a government to install the framework of a coalition government that would govern for five years. COMPROMISE IS REQUIRED.