The End Draws Near In Sri Lanka War

One of the world’s longest conflicts is drawing to an end on the island of Sri Lanka as government troops have pushed the rebel Tamil Tigers into a small enclave in the northeast section of the island. Over 70,000 have died in this twenty five year civil war which has caused untold deaths by suicide bombers and dislocation of life. The United Nations says that thousands of innocent civilians are trapped inside the enclave along with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who apparently do not wish to quietly exist the stage of violence. Naturally, the rebels claim civilians wish to remain so they can get killed. Why is it that those who claim to be defending the rights of people invariably ensure the people they are protecting wind up dead?

Hopefully, leaders of Sri Lanka can take note of how Abraham Lincoln ended the American Civil War. He granted amnesty to just about all rebels and encouraged them to return to their homes and once again engage in farming and commerce. This is not the time for terrible retribution against those who rebelled.

  • Jason

    I believe that Sri Lanka did grant amnesty before, and there were those who did return to ‘farming and commerce’. The problem here is that the State is dealing with the hardcore who would rather die if only by the cyanide capsule than return to ‘farming and commerce’. This is not the American Civil War, which was a true war. This is terrorism.

  • Ferdinand Salverdor

    In the “tangible” history of humanity there has been no other group of ‘so called freedom fighters’ ever to take their “cause” to this extreme, to promote a culture of death by suicide (by bombing or cyanide), recruit / enforce children to be cannon fodder for their cause or oppose a democratically elected government who have ministers of their own race and religion.
    The Tamil Tigers are no more than some fascist terrorist thugs who have impudently terrorized a county and are guilty of some of the most heinous crimes ever committed. USA UK UN and all the “western” nation have no moral right to dictate terms to Sri Lanka. UK USA and Canada have politicians who have been in the payroll of Tamil Tigers, either directly or indirectly …so the world should just wait and watch how a war on terror is brought to an end.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I agree with many of your comments. But, in all such rebel groups there are many who are tired of fighting and seek some peace.