The End Might Be Near In Afghanistan

The news from Afghanistan is either good or it is bad. The Taliban are being crushed or they are just the same or, perhaps, a bit better. An intense military campaign aimed at destroying militants is working or it is not working. A senior Defense official put it this way: “the insurgency seems to be maintaining its resilience” and the Taliban has displayed a remarkable ability to “reestablish and rejuvenate” within days after allegedly being “destroyed” in a particular part of the country. General David Petraeus, as usual, has offered an optimistic view of the growing power of NATO and American forces, but any objective analysis of the war reveals no major change in control of the country. More often than not, Taliban leaders are emphasizing to their soldiers, “the end is near” which means America is reaching the extent of its interest or willingness to fight in Afghanistan.

The American people will not continue packing wars in Asia against enemies which they, either lack knowledge about, or they simply don’t care what is happening except for the death of US forces. The end might be nearer than anyone believes.