Future historians will identify the final death blow to the American empire to poll results in October, 2011 when it appears more Americans wanted Herman Cain as their president than Barack Obama. In other words, a majority of Americans want the former head of Godfather Pizza to lead this great nation than President Obama. OK, Obama has fucked up royally, but the man at least has a few brains in his head. Herman Cain offers crazy ideas and many Americans are in such a state of shock as to actually believe this nut case is qualified for something other than town dog catcher.

OK, let me throw my hat in the ring for the presidency. Here is my platform:

1. Each American family will receive a one million dollar bonus for  being an American citizen.

2. All college education is now free.

3. The minimum wage is now $75 an hour.

4. There is free medical care for all, birth to death.

5. The government guarantees each adult a job they desire.


Vote for me.