The Exit Of A Dictator

Ordinarily, people are concerned how an individual is able to seize power in a nation and rule it for dozens of years. However, recent events highlight difficulties in persuading the man who has all power to walk away and become the man with no power. President Ali
Abdullah Saleh is the latest example of someone who just won’t let go. Think about it for a moment. He gets free transportation and doesn’t even have to drive. He eats at the expense of his grateful people who allow any type of food regardless of the cost. If he wants a vacation, no sweat, hop into the plane that awaits your arrival, no check-in procedures and, certainly, no body search. When you speak, others better pay attention or they will be standing at attention in some prison cell.

In other words, giving up all these wonderful pleasures is might difficult. Is it any wonder that Saleh wants to hold on until there is an election that he cannot fix and finally drive off into the setting sunset– and head to the Swiss bank account!