The Face Of Evil In Iraq

I confess to being ignorant about the connection between face and God which is among the most vital relationships of radical Muslims. They insist that women must cover up their faces when out in public because to reveal a face somehow angers God. Why God worries about faces is beyond my way of thinking, but Muslim fanatics and even some Orthodox Jews are into insisting that women cover up their bodies. But, for some strange reason, it is OK for males to wander around without covered faces. Um Ban was a Muslim female who lived in Mosul. She ran a beauty salon from her house which made her suspect among ISIL warriors who conquered the city. Again, somehow, a woman who makes herself attractive is deemed a bad Muslim. On the other hand, males can care for their faces, but this does not annoy or anger the Big Up in the sky. One day, Ms. Ban opened the front door and found a large X painted on her front door.

She decided it was time to flee, because after the X would come the gun and death. She felt ISIL were “trying to frighten us with psychological warfare.” She gathered her family and fled to Baghdad. Heck, in my Orthodox shul(synagogue) women had to sit behind a screen so we males could not see their faces. Even as a boy, the entire thing about women never made sense. I wonder if when I get to heaven, women sit behind curtains and can not go to a beauty salon??