The Failed Giuliani Gambit-Wrong Strategy?

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s name has barely rated a mention over the past month as primary results come in from New Hampshire or Michigan or Nevada or South Carolina. He has banked everything on scoring a huge victory in Florida, but new reports indicate he may have already fallen behind Senator John McCain and Mike Huckabee. For some strange reason, Giuliani developed a strategy of putting all his eggs in the Florida basket and allowing his rivals to bask in the glow of ongoing publicity while he addressed a few hunded senior citizens in the large cities of Florida. Giuliani forgot that Florida is a complex state with hundreds of small towns, most of which are conservative areas, and that as the former mayor gave his standard speech about 9/11, the war in Iraq had been supplanted by economic problems ranging from the housing market to a dramatic stock market collapse.

Two months ago, Rudy was leading in national polls. Today, he, at best, is third and rapidly slipping. As he wanders the streets of Flordia giving his 9/11 pitch, firefighter groups hawk his every step and offer voters their angry criticism of his incompetence at 9/11 which reslted in the death of many of their colleagues. The media is ignoring Rudy, terrorism is slipping as the major concern and all he can offer is the “biggest tax cut in history” to a public that is worried about health care, th stock market or rising education costs. Some one will be writing a book next year about the most incompetent political campaign in recent American history– and its star will be Rudy Giuliani.