The Fantasy Land Of Chaotic Zimbabwe

It sometimes becomes difficult attempting to explain with any form of rationality what transpires for government in the land of Zimbabwe. The newly installed prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai asked a colleague, Roy Bennett to return from his self imposed exile in order to assume the post of deputy Agriculture Minister since the nation’s farm economy had collapsed. Police decided to arrest Mr. Bennett when he arrived at the airport and initially charged him with treason, but later said he was only guilty of committing terrorism, banditry, and sabotage. There is no rhyme or reason to any of these charges other than showing Prime Minister Tsvangirai that he does not control the country, but its police force is in charge.

How can a government function effectively when its security force behave as though they are not responsible to any government body. We have a situation in which organized chaos rules the land. The economy has collapsed but security officials and the president’s political party do not intend to surrender power. They prefer inhabiting a nation which has an 80% unemployment rate and astronomical inflation rates than working for the people of Zimbabwe.