The Fight To End Unions

I am certain most reading these words, at some point or another, learned American history dealing with the early years of the 20th century. I was struck by the resemblance between events in Wisconsin whose governor wants to break unions with the “malefactors of wealth” in the early 1900s who opposed the union movement as an attack on capitalism and the American way of life. In their view it was the duty of workers to trust the benevolent behavior of their bosses and avoid any contact with “foreign” union leaders. Theodore Roosevelt challenged these wealthy people because he understood they were selfish, had scant desire to aid workers other than giving them a piece of turkey at Christmas in order to demonstrate their Christianity. Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, believed workers had a right to organize, he believed wealthy capitalists could not be entrusted with the future of America. He wanted the Federal government to regulate business in order to protect consumers and workers.

It is no surprise that Glenn Beck regards Theodore Roosevelt as a “Socialist” because he wanted a regulated capitalist system. Of course, Teddy hated socialism or communism but was convinced capitalism had to be reformed by balancing the power of workers and business with the Federal government ensuring the balance worked. It was this philosophy which enabled American business to dominate the 20th century.

Unfortunately, the no-nothings have taken over the Republican party and transformed it into a branch of big business. Governor Scott Walker insists workers must sacrifice at the same time he opposes a 39% top tax rate for the wealthy because to install such a rate instead of 36% will result in wealthy folk fleeing the country.

Up the working people of Wisconsin!