The Fire Next Time In Iraq

Seven years ago, then President George Bush unleashed the dogs of war in Iraq in the ever elusive quest to find WMD. The years have passed, death and destruction reign in Iraq despite repeated claims by President Obama that peace is just around the corner and American troops will be home by next year. An important facet of the fight to reduce violence in Iraq was emergence of Sunni led Awakening Councils who deserted al-Qaeda and joined with Americans in defeating terrorism. That was then, now is now. Sheikh Sabanal-Janabi of the Sons of Iraq who fought alongside Americans now claims thousands of Sunnis are tired of being ignored by the Shiite government and turning to al-Qaeda for money and jobs. According to the Sheikh, “al Qaeda has made a big comeback here” and he made clear that he knows “where the allegiance” of his fellow Sunni lie, and it is not with the Iraq government.

What happens when Sunnis of the Sons of Iraq join with al Qaeda and restore the level of violence that once was present in Iraq? Will President Obama maintain troops in the country? Will he have US forces depart as violence rises?