The Fire Now And Soon Later!

Neighbors said he was a quiet man who never displayed anger or hate towards anyone. But, this is 2012 and in Europe millions lack jobs or a home or an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of middle class life. His girl friend received a notice that she was being evicted from her apartment. She pleaded, but the law is the law in modern days. Of course, when wealthy folk can not pay their debts, the friendly government chips in with a few million, or in some cases, billions.

He came to the apartment, opened the door for the new owner and police. invited them in. He left the room for a few minutes, returned with a gun, and shot the new owner and the policeman. He then killed his girl friend and finally committed suicide.

It was just another pleasant day in the city of Karlsruhe. The sun was shining. Four people lay dead. The price of unemployment and poverty all too often leads to death–unless you are a banker or stock broker who knows if money is lacking the government will pay your debts.