The Fire This Time In Iran

Even as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced new negotiations with North Korea concerning atomic weapons, American and Israel army leaders are preparing plans to attack Iran. Israel is determined to prevent Iran from achieving the capability of developing an atomic weapon. US military officials are confident they can provide  aerial refueling for Israel planes that would bomb nuclear facilities. An unmaned US official told the Washington Post that military planners are confident that sustained attacks with  the air force’s 13,600 kilogram “bunker-cluster” bombs would put Iran’s uranium enrichment program out of action.

Israeli military leaders are confident of their ability to take out Iran’s nuclear program. I trust this confidence produces better results than that displayed with invasions of Lebanon when Israel leaders thought it would be easy to take out Hezbollah. Israel and the US fail to recall the “ease” of taking out Saddam Hussein.

The issue is not the fire this time, the issue is the fire that arises from doing the initial invasion.