The Fire This Time Will Go Higher

Hundreds of thousands of people currently are massed in the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities in order to make clear their desire for President Mohammed Morsi to depart the scene of power. Thousands attacked headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and burned it down even as supporters of the president were blasting away and killed three protesters. As one leader of the crowd noted: “if the Brothers  think we willgive up and leave  they are mistaken. They will give up and leave after seeing our numbers.”This sentiment is dominant among the hundreds of thousands who want their nation to  become unified in order to rebuild a nation that has become dysfunctional. Similar protests are occurring in  southern Egypt and a reported five people were killed in clashes with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi claims he wants to dialogue. Of course, two years ago he promised to create a government that included those from the entire politcal spectrum. He did just the opposite. Morsi must go and be replaced by a coalition government that includes all parties. There is need for a leader who regards himself as representing the people of Egypt, not A political party.