The Fire This Time

It has been many years since anyone in Russia dared to challenge the authority of Vladimir Putin so it is foreign to his way of thinking that someone other than himself knows the answers to any problem. European Union leaders denounce his actions along with President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, and, they are ignored. The expectation that words from other people will influence Vladimir Putin is simply wishful thinking. Reality: there are few actions that would influence his decision making. We offer a few:

1. Allow massive shipping of oil and gas from America to Europe.
2. Encourage Nigeria and Venezuela to increase oil exports.
3. Institute a 30 day ban on any business transactions with Russia.
4. Let it become known through “unofficial sources” the CIA will begin meeting with Chechnya dissidents.
5. Ban travel by Russian diplomats to EU nations and the US.
6. Allow several US destroyers to sail through Straits of Dardanelles and anchor off Turkish shores.

He understands POWER!