The Forgotten Land

The days go by, the deaths go by, and the wounded are scattered in half destroyed buildings where their cries for help go unheard. As I write there are over 300 wounded Syrians lying in half destroyed buildings in the city of Qusair. They moan, they cry, they plead but the Syrian government is not going to allow any assitance into the town and thus some will die.There are reports that some are being treated in  private homes by people who have a slight knowledge of being a doctor or nurse. Kasem Alzein who is working with these people says there are no medical supplies and “we are treating people in homes in an unsterilized environment. We tried to evacuate the wounded and we can'[t.”

I am always baffled when reading such tales as to the silence of Muslims in the world. Someone draws a cartoon and soon streets are filled with angry people, thousands of Muslims lie wounded and the sounds of silence prevail. I wonder why?