The Forgotten War

Every so often Mitt Romney claims that President Obama is not being tough enough in Afghanistan and if you elect him then things will proceed to victory. Of course, Mitt does not have any plan to end the fighting in Afghanistan and the last thing on his mind is to become engaged in an argument about that far off land. The Forgotten War is taking place in Afghanistan and most Americans have absolutely no interest in that place and, certainly, do not want their sons or daughters fighting in a strange land.

Marina Buckley, a mother of Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley, expected her son would  be returning this fall to Hawaii. Unfortunately, he was killed over the weekend. Buckley was the 1990th American to die in this war no one cares about. A few days later the 2000th soldier died.

It required nine years to have 1,000 Americans die in Afghanistan. It then took 27 months for another 1,000 to die. Such is life–and Death in Afghanistan.

Oh, so far this year 30 non-Afghan soldiers have been killed by Afghan soldiers.