The Grand Bargain In Health Care

There are increasing signs that some Republican members of Congress are ready to discuss the issue of health care in America. It is also quite clear that many Americans would like to feel confident their health care is a well functioning process that is both patient oriented and fiscally sound. It is time for President Obama and Republicans to engage in a Grand Bargain in order to create a new Health Care System for all Americans. Ironically, such a system already in is place and is called: MEDICARE. Those in Medicare overwhelmingly like the system, it provides health care that meets the needs of the average person and its costs can be more readily controlled than what passes for the Affordable Care Act.

Our suggestion for the Grand Bargain in Health Care:

1. Transfer all who signed up for the Affordable Care Act to Medicare.

2. Arrange for a Republican/Democrat Committee to investigate how Medicare can become the basis for health care for all Americans.

3. Or, we move all Americans into Medicare over a five year time period. Let’s begin with those from age 50 to 62. Along with this group, include children under the age of 18.

4. Those between the ages of 18-49 could remain under parents health care plan until age 30 or voluntarily move into the new Medicare program.

5. Within five years all Americans must either be in the Medicare program or have arranged to enter a medical insurance program.