The Great Man Named Silvio Berlsconi!

There are many great leaders in the world who lead powerful nations, but when it comes to displaying masculine skills of love and passion, none can compare to the prime minister of Italy. When he wants to hold to a firm stand, his natural attributes stand out and up. Patrizia D’Addarrio, an Italian prostitute recounts the many hours she spent with Berlusconi in which his passion, his kisses, his love of the body and his infinite capacity to keep on coming resulted in total exhaustion for a woman who knows something about love making. “We kissed an infinite number of times, with him above all kissing my intimate parts,” a performance which she believes “could get into the Guinness Book of Records.” She noted being years younger than the aged prime minister, but “there were moments when I feared I would not stand up to his assaults. Does he take something?”

Of course, he does. Silvio is a man of passion and a man of action. When he sets his body to achieve a high point of passion, there is no other leader in the world who can match that performance. Some political leaders boast of being able to negotiate for hours at a time, but which of them can keep it up for hours at a time! God bless you Silvio, yo are a hero to all of we men over the age of sixty.