The Great Obama Economic Mistake!

A year ago this blog urged the president to focus on several small changes in health care such as making illegal denying care for pre-existing conditions and working to end the notorious “hole” in drug expenses for senior citizens. President Obama was absolutely correct in confronting the banking crisis. But, noted economist Paul Krugman emphasized the importance of focusing on job development prior to making health care the major concern of the administration. However, Barack Obama was more interested in his lasting “fame” as the president who secured health care than in dealing with immediate economic issues. He failed to grasp giving health care to people without jobs is a meaningless gift since they lack money to even pay for premiums. Last February we urged focusing on-jobs, jobs, jobs. Ah, the bright boys from Harvard who have never lived with unemployment, thought they understood the American people. Latest figures from July reveal double the rate of loss of jobs from what was expected.

In March, 1933, Franklin Roosevelt became president. He immediately dealt with the banking crisis. His next task was job creation since as his aide, Harry Hopkins, once put it, “people eat today, not later.” Within six months, over 4,000,000 unemployed people were working. The arrogance of President Obama and his close economic associates has proved a disaster for the American people. Republicans will win strongly in November–not because they offer ideas– but because they are not connected with the Obama administration.

There is only ONE hope to deal with economic issues. END THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN AND REDUCE EXPENDITURES.