The Guantanamo Battle Of The Future

President Obama has inherited another of the Bush disasters in trying to deal in a legal manner with the issue of prisoners at Guantanamo. The problem is exacerbated because among the 245 detainees, there are many who are innocent men who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and have suffered by being imprisoned for nearly eight years. On the other hand, there are some who engaged in terrorist actions and are dangerous. Obama’s first task is clearing up the innocent vs guilt issue by releasing those who never committed any violent or terrorist action. The second step is establishing a legal process that respects the principle of innocence before guilt and is one the world will accept as being fair.

Perhaps, it is time to draw upon an international court which might supervise trials to ensure that legal processes are followed. Hopefully, Muslim judges could be part of the process in order to avoid charges of prejudice against those of the Muslim faith. The last thing Obama needs is to get involved in a divisive argument with right wing Republicans who wave the bloody flag of “security” anytime that one mentions words such as , “legal, constitutional, or due process.”

  • Emily

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