The Hammer Hammered

Tom DeLay used to be known as “The Hammer” because he ruthlessly enforced his beliefs in Congress that the reason one serves as a Republican was to ensure those with power and wealth gain more power and wealth. He never had the slightest interest in poor people, in those without health insurance of mothers who lacked access to child care. As far as The Hammer was concerned, the only important people in America were lobbyists ready to hand over thousands in donations to Republican candidates for public office. He was convicted in Austin, Texas, by a jury which found him guilty of money laundering and selling out to lobbyists. Naturally, Tom DeLay has never acknowledged he did anything wrong, and blames his conviction on the trial being held in “liberal Austin.” According to DeLay if the trial had been held in a real American city like San Antonio or Houston, the verdict would have gone his way. We all know that liberals are political and not like Republicans who only do what is right for America, particularly when the Americans are wealthy people.

Of course, this being Texas which has governors who never pardon any black or poor person, we can expect the same standard to be applied to Tom Delay. Yeah, and dogs fly in Texas!