The Horror Of Myanmar Grows Worse And Worse

German reporters in Myanmar spoke confidentially with a variety of opposition leaders to the bestial military junta which controls Burma. These dissidents report the three largest monasteries have been transformed into military camps and no monks are to be seen. US diplomats who visited 15 monasteries did not find any sign of a monk. Poverty is widespread and many poor people are living on about 60 cents a day when a kilo or rice cost $2. According to residents in the religious city of Pakokku, troops entered the city, tied monks to lamp posts and beat them until blood ran from their bodies. There are reports of bodies of monks found floating in rivers and today, Der Spiegel printed a picture of a dead monk lying face downward in a river. A Der Spiegel reporter spoke with the leader of the All Burma Monks Alliance who said no one will know the extent of how many died, but, at a minimum it runs into the hundreds although officially only 10 died. It is believed bodies are being burned after killed by soldiers and today the Yangoon crematory burned the bodies of 79 “unknown” people. A local resident said troops entered a monastery, lined up the monks and then “the soldiers smashed their heads against the wall.” Since monks believe in non-violence none resisted. Last night, the official radio of the junta, warned reporters, especially Germans, “We will hunt you down” for daring to talk with people about the truth.

China expresses its concern, India pretends nothing has happened, and, after all, its economic interests are more important than people, and the UN envoy admits his mission was a failure. One wonders about the college students of India, why aren’t they protesting their nation’s indifference? Perhaps, American college students can initiate a boycott of the 2008 Olympics to get Chinese action. It is time for action or thousands more will die.