The Horror Of Somalia

During the past two decades the people of Somalia have endured nothing but war, hatred, fear, and hunger as they attempt to survive amidst the chaos of their land. Thousands of Somalians have fled to South Africa in order to secure the semblance of an ordinary life for themselves and their children, but the dogs of hate simply followed their route to supposed safety. The plight of the Blikkiesdorp Somalians who are trying to make it through the day in the internment camp increasingly gets worse. Local haters have been attacking the refugees. According to a woman, “We can’t go outside because it’s very dangerous.”

For some reason South African hate mongers believe a family living in a one room shack that lacks a toilet is dangerous and they lurk about at night shouting, “Somalians go away.” Fortunately, for South Africans people around the world did not “go away” but supported the ANÇ and its drive to end apartheid.