The Horror Of Syria

Fighting in Syria between government forces and innocent people is not only horror in action, but it reflects the irony that transpires for peace and war in the Middle East. Government forces have surrounded the city of Homs and been constantly firing into gatherings of people. At least ten died yesterday, including two children. Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Jihad(talk about a name that reflects reality) Makdr urged the world: “we want the others, all the others, to support the Syrian evolution,not the armed confrontation in Syria.” He promises if the world would only cooperate, there would be an “honorable exit to the crisis.”

One can readily imagine if Israel troops surrounded a Palestinian town and blasted away how the Arab world would respond to such an event. On the other hand, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again displayed his ineptness as a leader. Israel should announce support for Syrian dissidents, it should offer humanitarian aid to those who must flee, and it should offer financial support in order to purchase medical supplies and other humanitarian aid.

There will be no “honorable exit” to this horror because Bashar al-Assad is simply a two bit thug masquerading as someone claiming to seek peace.