The Human Condition–Death And Slaughter Of “Them”

Over 5,000,000 people have been killed in the Congo since 2001, thousands have died in Darfur at the hands of the Sudan government, a few thousand are dead in Zimbabwe due to actions by President Mugabe, and now in Asia comes further examples of death and destruction because “they” are not like “us.” During the past week in the nation of Kyrgyzstan, mobs of Kyrgyz have roamed the streets of the city of Osh beating, looting, and killing hundreds of Uzbecks because they are not Kyrgyz. Of course, these people have inhabited the same areas for hundreds of years but to humans there is greater enjoyment in discovering why “they” are not like “us.” Uzbeck areas have literally been burned to the ground and about 75,000 people have fled for their lives. Former President Baklyev who is a Kyrgyz is undoubtedly behind the massacres because he was ousted from office by the Uzbecks and what better way to return their action than by killing a few hundred of “them?”

It is interesting that as over 500 people are killed there are no riots in any Muslim city, not outcry about inhumanity as followed the brutal Israel attack on ships that left nine dead. This statement is not meant to defend actions of Israel soldiers, but to illustrate there is a double standard when it deals with people killed by Israel soldiers. A death caused by a Kyrgyz is as cruel as one caused by any other soldier wether in the Congo or Zimbabwe or in Israel.