The Human Condition Still Human

Today is May 9, 2014, just another day in our lives. Actually, it is a normal day on planet Earth. Hundreds of teen age girls have been kidnapped in Nigeria by the local religious nut cases, and the incompetent government lacks any clue as to where are the girls, let alone how to rescue them. Riots in Myanmar have left thousands of Muslims in terror of their lives because they are of the wrong religion. In the African state of Chad, several months ago Muslim terrorists killed Christians, but today in May it is the turn of Christian terrorists to kill Muslims. In the Ukraine, east and west fights one another as to who owns what and why. Oh, they ONLY killed a dozen or so, after all, they are all Christians. Vladimir Putin will spend the day with bare chest shouting to the world that HE is not to be messed with!

Ah, here in America, someplace someone was shot to death because we Americans have the Constitutional right to shoot and kill when we “feel threatened.” Republicans rant about health care because people are getting it, Ted Cruz, who is of immigrant background is against immigrants in HIS country. Some place a person of Cherokee or Sioux heritage is shaking a head at the audacity of the immigrants claiming they are against immigrants.

There are times when one who is a “human” or should I say, a member of the human race, must wonder how in hell did I get stuck among these crazy life forms. Somewhere in this universe there must be life forms who go through a day without murdering another life form. Some place in this universe?