The Human Contradiction!

Humans are a remarkable species, they will display fear if there is a broadcast about a tornado heading toward their vicinity, but they will enter McDonald’s and wolf down a hamburger whose calories and fat content lead inevitably to heart problems. About one out of three Americans are overweight, but few resources are devoted to confronting this human condition which leads to death. We hop in a car and drive a mile to shop. Of course, if we walked the mile our body would be in better shape, but in driving a car we challenge statistics since 30,000 Americans die each year due to car accidents. The American nation is frightened about high deficits while demanding cuts in taxes which inevitably lead to higher deficits. OOps, I forgot, those seeking to reduce the national debt wish to accomplish this goal by “eliminating government waste.” This promise has been made by every presidential candidate for over a hundred years, and will be made by them for the next hundred years.

just about every Republican idea for dealing with the economy would worsen the economy, but cries go on and on about cutting taxes and reducing government expenditures which, somehow, will lead to more jobs. Let me get this straight. We will fire thousands of government employees which would result in millions of new jobs!