The Ides Of March In Saudi Arabia

“Beware the Ides of March” is an old warning from days when Romans ruled the Mediterranean, and those fears may soon be aroused on the Arabian Peninsula. The Saudi monarchy is concerned over events in Bahrain in which a Sunni king is being threatened by his Shiite majority population. Shiites are a minority in Saudi Arabia, but the live together which enables them to gather a large number if desiring to create problems. The Shiites who inhabit the northeast area of the country are planning demonstrations against the Saudi government. Their “day of rage” is also referred to as the “day of Hunajan” which refers to an event in the history of Mohammed’s rise to power. In the year AD630 his large force just barely defeated less numerous Bedouin tribes. The message to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is clear– you might out number us, but we might also pull off a surprise victory.

If violence breaks out in Saudi Arabia, then what course of action for Barack Obama?