The Ignored Issue In Iran – Plight Of Baha’i

World newspapers provide extensive coverage about Iran’s nuclear development or its relations with Israel, but it is unusual for the media to focus on the plight of members of the Bahai faith in Iran who are probably the most persecuted group in that nation. Two months ago, seven members of the faith were arrested including Jinous Sobhani who works with human rights groups that were founded by Nobel Prize winner Airin Ebadi. The Iranian government charges that Bahais were in the pay of Israeli secret agents and were plotting to overthrow the Iranian government. The Japanese government has joined the European Union, the UN and other nations in protesting the trials of Bahai members as so-called agents of Israel. The Bahai faith was founded in Persia in 1844 and now has about five million members in the world.

Iranian Bahais suffer constant persecution in virtually every aspect of society ranging from education to work to leisure so it would be madness for any member of the faith to work with Israel. This is a trumped up charge to discredit decent people who seek peace and an end to hatred in the world. Most probably, it is those beliefs which are the source of the arrests.