The Ignored Nigerian Girls

The fate of the 300 Nigerian girls who were abducted by Boko Haram nutty terrorists is remains unknown. The government of Nigeria is more concerned displaying anger toward parents who march to the capital to protest against failure to free their daughters than to the issue of actually DOING something to return the girls. The Nigerian “Army” remains among the most inept in the entire world. They devote more resources to alerting Boko Haram about possible attacks than to actually attack these group of men who ignore their own religion. It is a basic tenet of the Muslim religion that people can not be forced into becoming Muslims, but Boko Haram has forced these girls to become Muslim.

The United Nations special representative dealing with this issue is Zaindo Hawa Bangura. She told the media of her fears concerning fate of the girls. “My worry is those girls don’t come back, half of them pregnant.” She has urged the United States to assist, but current US law prevents aid to carry out abortions. How about some backbone, President Obama and provide this assistance?