The Immigration Debate

We in America believe the issue of illegal immigrants is among the most important issues confronting our society. It turns out so do many people in Europe. No, they are not concerned about Christian Mexicans crossing their borders and settling in their fair lands. However, they are worried that illegal immigrants will take away their jobs sweeping the streets and working in meat plants. The Czech Republic is instituting new regulations that will ensure the right of Czech people to pick strawberries and other such fruits. Of course, the reality is fear of Muslim immigrants from Turkey  and illegals from African  lands.

Under new regulations if a Czech person wants to marry a third country national the person must complete an integration course and learn the Czech language. In addition, the person must apply for a work visa if they desire to remain more than three months. I assume  if  a person marries a Czech citizen they intend to remain more than three months in that fair land. Let us not allow spouses to cheat the Czech state. However, it is OK to cheat on your spouse.