The Indian Tragedy Continues

There is no question that India has emerged from its era of colonialism to become the world’s largest democracy, but somewhere on this road to focusing on individual rights, the place of women has become neglected. Scarcely a day goes by without another story concerning rape and no punishment. During the past six months there have been several rapes of women in broad daylight without any effort made by anyone to halt this brutality. A new story has just emerged about a young woman in a village who had an affair with a married man who lived in another village. Her village council chief brought his group together and they decided the woman has been involved in an “unauthorized relationship” and thus had to be punished. The guilty verdict was uttered by the council chief who told males in the village the girl had to be punished as well as pay a fine. Since she did not pay the fine, he invited them to be “free and enjoy the girl and have fun.”

She was repeatedly raped and the entire village did nothing. The government,most probably, will not do anything beyond admit the rape was wrong. Last October a woman who was raped reported it to the police, after leaving the police station the men who raped her, did it again.

Will India ever get around to practicing democracy for its women??