The Innocence of Turkey?

It is apparent my comments concerning the Armenian resolution before Congress have aroused the ire of many readers. Most of the comments accuse Armenians of engaging in a “massacre” of Turks. One can only assume these writers refer to Armenians who served in the Russian army which fought against Turkey in World War I. There certainly is a difference between soldiers fighting against other soldiers other than soldiers shooting civilians. Certainly, for the most part, the initial years of World War I did not entail mass killing of civilians by either side despite extensive British propaganda concerning Germans killing thousands of Belgians. Belgian civilians were killed, but there was no sanction by the German government for the killings. To those who claim Armenians engaged in a “massacre” of Turks, it would be helpful if they (a) identified the Armenian government authority that authorized such killings; (b) presented evidence of any order from an Armenian military authority authorizing such killing, (c) presented information as to the dates of the alleged killings.

I still believe Germany’s method of confronting the Holocaust has value for people in Turkey. German education does not focus on “blaming” Germans of today who had nothing to do with the Holocaust. It examines the Holocaust to ensure people are sensitive to brutality and committed to ensure it never again will happen. I do not believe there is responsibility on the part of a person living in 2007 for the actions of ancestors. The House Resolution does not blame any contemporary citizen of Turkey for what happened in another country at another time. Do contemporary Turks believe nothing happened to the Armenians? Why not join with Armenian organizations to create a joint Armenian/Turkish Committee devoted to peace education? In that way, focus is away from the past and deals with the present.

  • Ardent

    Why is a House Resolution necessary?

    Should there also be a Resolution that the Americans committed Genocide on the Yuki tribe of California?

    Perhaps the Americans need to take a good look at themselves. ‘He who has never sinned, can cast the first stone.’

    Turks should just admit that it happened, but the Democrats do not need to act like saints and pass an unneccesary resolution.