The Iranian People Demand Freedom And Honesty

Estimates range from a few hundred thousand to nearly a million who clustered in the streets of Tehran to demand a free election and an end to tyranny. Even as young people shouted anger toward President Ahmadinejad who has stolen their votes and an election, his henchmen were storming into universities and beating up students. There are also reports that several students have been killed by the thugs who used fists and batons to spread the word of freedom. “Mousavi, we support you! We will die but regain our votes” came from thousands of voices, but in vain. Although, the Supreme Leader Khamenei ordered a group of clerics to examine election results there is scant hope they will do anything other than to uphold the theft by Ahamadinejad.

There are many clerics who seek to recast the revolution in a manner that will restore freedom to the people and allow a president who seeks to make Iran a successful economic nation as well as respected in the world. However, hard line clerics are banding together with military leaders to impose their strict views upon youth who hunger for a more open access to the world.

There are reports of dozens of students and other demonstrators who are in jail. The prospect is dim for the future of Iran.