The “Jewish” Nation Of Israel Deports Children!

It is the year, 1938, and the Nazi government of Germany has rounded up a few thousand German Jewish children who will be deported to England which has agreed to accept them as legal immigrants. It is the year 2010, in the supposed “Jewish” state of Israel, and about 400 children have been rounded up and they will be deported to their parents’ country of origin. On one hand, Israel encourages immigrants to enter the country and do trhe dirty work which is beneath of the dignity of Jews. The Cabinet ordered deportation of children at the urging of thugs and bigots like foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, the immigrant from Russia. The only immigrant children who will be allowed to remain are those who have been in Israel for at least five years and speak Hebrew. Isaac Herzog, Minister of Social Affairs, disagreed with the decision. “I didn’t vote in favor (of the proposal) because I could not accept deporting a group of five year old children.”

As Mr. Herzog, so well put the issue: “this is not the Jewish state I know if it deports five year old children.” Well stated.

Oh, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to insist Palestinians accept that Israel is a “Jewish state.” As someone raised a Jew, this Israel is not the Jewish nation I hoped would come into being.