The Jews In WWII According To Ahmadinjead!

Gather around, little children, while Uncle Mahmoud tells the story of what happened to the Jews in Europe during the 1940s. “Once upon a time, there were some people we will call Jews who lived in Europe. Well, at night their leaders, the rabbis, got a wonderful idea. What if we Jews in Europe went someplace where no one would know who we are. Then, we could claim the Germans under this nice man named Adolf Hitler had killed us. The people of Europe would feel sorry for us and make certain we received land in Palestine which was filled with Arabs and no one cared for them. Anyway, the Jews all went to Argentine and Miami Beach and Hollywood in order to hide out during the war.

Well, the nice man named Adolf Hitler really loved the Jews and he was so, so upset they had gone away. So, when he began to lose the war against the Russians, and British and Americans, he told everyone that he had killed the Jews. And, believe it or not, the world believed him. Once he died, no one could ever find out the truth.

The war ended and the Jews yelled that they had all been killed and the new United Nations felt sorry for them and said the ones remaining could go live in Palestine which belonged to the Arabs, but since they were Muslims, the Christians did not care. And, that is how the Jews who never got killed in World War II came to Palestine and took the land away from the Arabs. Now, go to sleep little children and thank God you are a Muslim.”