The King Is Always Right In Thailand!

In Thailand, there is a monarchy whose view of le droit de roi is not that far different from those kings in olden times claimed to possess. Australian writer, harry Nicolaides has been held in jail for over six months for writing a novel that contained passages the King of Thailand did not enjoy reading. The arrest warrant accused the Australian writer with defaming Thailand’s royal family. Recently, a drunken Swiss man was sentenced to a ten year sentence for defacing images of the monarch, but pardoned after spending a month in jail. Mr. Nicolaides appeared in court dressed in a prison orange uniform with feet shackled. “I’m pleading guilty,” he said. “I would like to apologize. This can’t be real. It feels like a bad dream.”

Gee, I guess after writing these words about the autocratic king of Thailand I had better never get near the Bangkok airport. I wonder how many other writers would be sentenced to jail for daring to make negative remarks about a human who happens to be a king and shits just like other men. I guess in his case, the shit comes out royal.