The Libyan Question?

The saga o Libya continues to confuse and infuriate people throughout this nation. Why did militants attack and kill a man who was a friend of the new nations and  worked to assist in its efforts to establish a peaceful and prosperous country? Thousands of Libyans marched on militant camps whose members attacked the US Embassy and killed Ambassador Stevens. The crowds stormed militant compounds and when they left at least six militiamen were dead. They are tired of religious militants seeking to gain power and transform Libya into a sharia run place.

At the same time, there is confusion as to why there were so many diplomats in the Embassy. Some now charge Americans were involved in secret operations. Most probably this is not true, but given our propensity to send secret operatives into nations throughout the world it is not difficult understanding why questions are being posed.

Send home the CIA might be one step in  working towards peace in the world.