The Long Night Of Nigeria

For over a decade Nigeria was a wealthy nation because of its large oil deposits, but instead of money being used to develop the nation’s economy, a group of government officials, army officers and sundry other business types, siphoned off money into Swiss bank accounts. Nothing was done to draw upon this money and have it invested in the nation;s economy. One result is increased poverty and greater receptivity to violence and hatred.

The Muslim fanatic group, Boko Haran, was behind dozens of attacks upon police, government agencies and Christian centers. At least 167 are dead, and hundreds are wounded. Boko Haran wants to create chaos, poverty, and hatred of the government since such attitudes will lead to greater support for Muslim radical groups. Even as Boko Haran blasts away, corrupt officials are blasting away to Switzerland in order to avoid getting caught with their loot. The fruits of inaction are growth of action fanatics who want to destroy Nigeria,