The Mad Man Of Norway Is Still Mad

Anders Breivik once again demonstrated in court that he is a symbol of hatred gone  wild. He boasted of killing over 70 young people claiming that it was an act of self defense since  it was his duty to safe Norway from the hordes of Muslims seeking entry. He pleased Not Guilty on grounds of self defense. “I admit to the  facts, but not criminal guilt.”




Anders Breivik demonstrated in a Norwegian court that he is the best symbol in Europe of what happens when forces of hatred are unleashed. He stood defiantly in court, placed a hand over his heart and boasted that his murder of over 70 young people was simply an act of self defense.  “I admit to the facts, but not criminal guilt.”

Essentially, he carried into action the words of hatred that daily are uttered by those who hate Muslims. For years in every European nation, political leaders seek votes  by blaming Muslims for  any problems confronting society. It is only logical that some deranged mind would build on these expressions of hatred by doing something.

Anders Breivik is the European who hates. Perhaps, he is the only honest hater in Europe.