The Man In Red Is Silent!

Every so often a white middle class Christian male in the United States of
America goes berserk and kills or wounds a few dozen people. Of course, no one makes claims that white Christian males are prone to violence and the fact they are Christian does not lead to claims about violence associated with that religion. James Holmes is a nice 24 year old college student who has done remarkably well in his higher education work. Today, he sits in a courtroom with his red hair and gazes dully into the courtroom.

There will be dozens of articles, documentaries, motion pictures and interviews with renowned psychological experts who will declaim on the mind of James Holmes. Right now, he just sits and stares into oblivion. Of course, no one will dare suggest the need to rethink gun laws or allowing individuals to purchase 6,000 rounds of ammunition.

Who knows what lurks in the heart of James Holmes? Who knows which event sparked the desire for violence in his mind? Most probably in any society of 300,000,000 there are a few thousand ready to blow up and then blow up other people. James Holmes is a mystery. We need time for him to begin unraveling what led him to unravel.

I suspect he does not know nor will he ever know. Such is the real problem with killers who explode in a sudden outburst of fury.