The Marijuana Wars Rage In Great Britain

About four years ago, the British government downgraded cannabis from a class B drug to a class C drug causing ongoing controversy regarding wisdom of the move. The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs(ACMD) is furious over leaks concerning its proposed recommendations about the drug. There is evidence, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is determined to upgrade the drug back to the B category. One former member of ACMD said the group was completely opposed to any such move. “There is no way that the ACMD would support any reclassification of cannabis, unless there were some political shenanigans gooing on,” said the Reverend Martin Blakesborough. However, the decision regarding the eventual classification of cannabis will not be based on medical factors, but on political ones.

The entire matter regarding legislation about drugs is among the most confusing in the modern world. Tobacco or alcohol are legal even though their use far surpasses any problems connectedwith cannabis. Individuals take numerous drugs to alter mood and governments take no action. The Brown government will undoubtedly provide evidence of misuse of the drug to justify its action in upgrading it to a B level. Of course, the Brown government will not compare healthy costs of tobacco and alcohol with those of cannabis.

  • Grow Hydroponics

    Fact: Tobacco’s addiction rate is 90% while marijuana is less than that of caffeine.

    Yes I believe this issue is merely of political reasons.

  • Ken

    Now there is a Gold Medalist spokesperson for the legalization and he wants to apologize. Tsk Tsk… Truely compare marijuana with tobacco, alcohol or prescription drug use, how many marijuana related accidents are there? How many people rob liquor stores for weed money?

  • Fred Stopsky

    Illegal drugs are destroying Mexico with thousands being killed. Legalize drugs, reduce prices and drive the drug lords out of business.

  • Thomas

    Its the Laws that destroys peoples lives ,not the plant.