The McCain Dilemma

Republican Senator John McCain was asked how he would choose in 2016 if the choice for president was between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton. McCain served in the military and is a graduate of Annapolis so it was instilled in this former officer that one’s first and only responsibility in life was to do what was best for the United States of America, not what he personally believed. Officers are taught that their primary responsibility is to obey the Constitution and defend the United States of America. So, how does one choose between an ignorant man lacking any knowledge of the reality of economics or understanding of foreign policy and an individual who has spent her life in the world of international relations? McCain told a New Republic writer that Hillary Clinton is “highly regarded throughout the world” while Rand Paul is rather juvenile.

McCain admitted it would be “a tough choice” and there would be difficulty in his mind supporting the candidacy of Rand Paul. Rand Paul is great at sound bites and throws around words about “liberty” and avoiding war, but he lacks any foreign policy other than what he does not like. Rand Paul is simply a modern “isolationist” and that is not a foreign policy in 2013.