The Meaning Of Rape

There are two young men who live in the city of Auckland, New Zealand, whose beliefs in the nature of what constitutes the act of rape are rather interesting. Young Jin Bae and Huvaseop Jeong were at a party in which booze was amply provided one and all. An underage girl was at the party and the two sixteen year old tough guys decided to engage in sex with a child who was dead drunk. They were arrested two years ago and sent to prison for three years. The idiot duo decided they had been unfairly treated and demanded a new trial. They insisted that neither one had used violence, they had not threatened the girl, nor used any physical force so how could they be convicted of the act of rape? They demanded to be released from prison.

Judge Ronayne was not impressed with their line of thinking. He pointed out to the dynamic duo of ignorance, the girl was underage, she was “almost comatose” from alcohol and in no condition to either consent or to refuse sex with anyone. She had absolutely no ability to make any rational decision. The decision was not merely no to their request to be freed, the judge doubled their sentence to six years!!